The good and the bad effects of social media on the business environment

Setting up of a business does not mean that it starts and ends with the travails of funding and setting up a capital or ideating alone. The major task is to be able to create connections between the company and the targeted consumers. Countless amounts of treatises and mainstream books have been dedicated to the virtues of having the right kind of pull when setting up a business. It all begins with pulling the right heartstrings of the consumers.

Taking advantage of every opportunity:

As a business in its nascent stage, it is quite important that you chalk-out a plan to be able to take the publicity of the company further by using every opportunity to be able to communicate with the actual consumers.

The role of social media:

The social media today is a great game-plan to be able to have the greatest amount of reach to one’s customer base. There is always a chance that with communication that is targeted to the right audience reaches them and they are also instantly able to react and thus what we see is a two-way communication which is definitely more desirable than communication that flows only from one side.


The increase in visibility:
There is an adage which goes, “the earliest bird catches the worm.” In order to be able to have a stronghold in the market, it is important that you warm up to be visible to your customer. Being seen often in print, in social media, and in the good word will ensure that you have extensive opportunity to be able to not only serve existing customers but also be able to catch on newer customers. The trick is to be able to convert the enquiries that are generated from social media and other forms of media into custom.

Being welcoming to the customer holds the key to success:

You will need to properly plan out the image of the company that you need to project to the public and to your prospective customers. This has to be well planned because once you are visible and there is a negative wave of your company or company principles there is seldom that you can do anything about. So, you need to be able to bring in a balance where you tread in but softly and cautiously.

Use tricks of the trade: There are a lot of strategies that you could adapt to invite the consumers to your website. You could even offer them freeware and push yourself with great offers in order to create a space for yourself in their mind. You could even offer free e-books and other discounts for people who have logged on to the website and use a key or a special code to avail the discount so won.

Social media makes it easy for information to be shared:

The case for spreading awareness and the good word works excellently well if you have been able to get a favorable response from your customers. But say hypothetically, if you have a bad or unfavorable response you may soon find yourself in a sticky situation.

A single negative comment has the potential to ruin the good comments that are already present in hordes. If your business even tries to censor the negative comments there is a big fat chance that it could escalate and end up more in detriment of your business than in favor of it.

That is why it is mostly said that advertising and over exposing yourself to the social media is like walking on a tight rope. You want to get a good attention but you cannot shy away from the bad.

You will need to take it with a pinch of salt or put your act together in order to fix the situation so that the effect of it is not detrimental to the overall reputation of your company and the brand image.

Proper hardware set up is equally important:

Before you tread into social media to carve a brand image, you must also make sure that your hardware back up is in place. You do not want to be dependent on mediocre and shoddy technology that will not allow you to be ahead in the technology race.


For instance, when I set up my online store I completely depended on MyOptimind to deliver cutting-edge technology for setting up a complete optical solution which in turn helped me to set up a support team for advertisement of my business and to also increase visibility in the social media itself.